FWE Cook & Hold Ovens


FWE Cook & Hold Ovens

Key Features

  • Reduce Shrinkage, Natural Browning
  • Control Panel
  • Designed to not require a hood
  • Two ovens, only one plug

Standard Features

  • R85/F15 low volume air circulation, 85% radiant / 15% force air convection – combining radiant and convection heat allows meats to brown naturally and greatly reduces product shrinkage by as little as 4%
  • Easy to use controls and 8 preset recipes allow you to set the cooking cycle time, temperature and holding temperature in advance, eliminating the need for constant monitoring
  • Save space and money – FWE’s Cook and Hold Ovens are designed to not require a hood. The modular design allows you to use it where you need it when you need it (local codes prevail) Smoker Ovens will require a Hood
  • Exclusive unibody design provides the ultimate menu flexibility with two individually controlled compartments in the same small space saving footprint
  • When not being used for cooking, these ovens can be used for holding prepared foods. When used for reheating or holding prepared foods, these ovens reduce dying, shrinkage and flavour loss
  • These ovens typically require up to 50% less energy than a conventional oven, and in most cases, since they are being used overnight, they utilise off-peak electric rates for even greater savings


* Provided with 4 pair of tray slides and 3 stainless shelves
* Slides and shelves are removable and adjustable
* Trays can hold 18″x26″, 12″x20″, GN 2/1 and GN 1/1.
* Radiant and convection heat allows meats to brown naturally
* Provided with internal product probe
* Typically require less energy than a conventional oven
* Cook & hold modes
* 8 Preset menu selections
* Hi-temp door gasket & door latch
* Heavy-duty hinges & insulated throughout
* Sanitary tray slides
* Easy to use dial in controls
* Designed not require a hood or extraction above
* A set dial for cook & hold temp
* Indicator lights
* Set for cook by time or by probe
* Reduce shrinkage, natural browning
* Precision venting door baffles
* Removable stainless steel drip tray
* Welded stainless steel construction
* Comes with two fixed and two braked swivel castors
* Weight 130kg, packed 161kg
* Electric 230V, 12.8A, 3kW, UK Plug
* H991 x W991 x D699mm

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