Here at NCE, we understand the importance of properly managing finances and sticking to set budgets. That’s why we wanted to make our customers lives easier by integrating a finance calculator into our newly refurbished website!

The tool aims to provide accountability when managing costs and help aid with effective budget planning on all catering equipment.


Here is how to use it in just 6 steps:

Step 1: Choose either ‘Calculate Payment’ or ‘Calculate Amount’.

  • Calculate Payment – Calculates the monthly cost amount of total equipment costs.
  • Calculate Amount – Calculates the total cost amount of equipment, based on how much you can afford each month.

Step 2: Insert ‘Equipment Cost’ or ‘How much you can afford each month’.

Step 3: Choose the ‘Business type’.

Step 4: Choose the ‘Equipment Type’.

Step 5: Choose the ‘Lease Term’.

  • The calculator will then present either the ‘Monthly Payment’ or ‘Equipment Payment’ figure for your budgets.

Step 6: Next, press ‘Complete Quote’ and fill out the form to send the quote directly to us!


Once the quote is sent, please wait for one of our friendly team members to contact you within 24 hours. 

For any queries or questions, please dont hesitate to contact us at or give us a call on 0113 833 1234.

Every commercial kitchen has its own attributes, each coming in different shapes and sizes. So, it can be a challenge to incorporate everything needed to make a highly functioning and economically efficient kitchen.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the most important considerations when planning the layout of a commercial kitchen, whether that be for a brand-new kitchen or a kitchen redesign.


1. Budget

Like with any project, the budget is the biggest determining factor as it helps you keep perspective on what you are able to achieve.

The budget determines the specifications of equipment and also the design decisions within the given space.

A definitive budget must be set before considering layout design, as this determines the scope of the project and creates a guide for what you can realistically achieve.

Here at NCE, once we know your budget we can help you design a kitchen that ensures you are getting the most out of your investment.


2. Menu & Covers

The different types of food and dishes on your menu have a big influence on the kitchen layout.

The menu itself can be the sole purpose of a kitchen redesign, and you can’t forget about the number of covers you need to serve!

You need to design a kitchen layout that is ergonomic so that the different pieces of equipment don’t interfere with the station next to it. This is whilst also considering how many dishes the equipment needs to cook and facilitate at once to meet the floor demand.

In some cases, you may also offer a takeaway service. Therefore, storage space for packaging needs to be incorporated, plus an accessible pass-through for the delivery courier.

This can all sound quite challenging but that’s where we can help. We have years of experience resolving these sort of design challenges so give us a brief and we will design you a kitchen that works!


3. Storage

Once the menu has been agreed, and the decision on a takeaway service has been made, then the focus turns to storage space.

Generally, food storage consists of freezers, cold storage and dry utility shelves. The storage needs to be managed to adhere to health and safety regulations and again, needs to fit ergonomically to be closer to food preparation, rather than cooking stations.

It is also important to remember to design enough storage space so that dietary requirements are met, and space for crockery, knives, utensils and pans are also incorporated.

Ultimately, it’s important not to underestimate the space you need for storage. If you get this section right, it will have positive knock on effects for the rest of your kitchen!


4. Flow

The key to an efficiently run kitchen comes down to thoughtful design and planning processes, to create a natural optimum flow. The flow should start from incoming goods and storage space to preparation, the kitchen, pass-through, then into dining.

A poorly designed flow can cause staff to walk around too much, causing chaos as they get in each other’s way. This can slow the speed that food gets to tables, negatively impact the quality of cooking and interfere food temperature control. As a result, this could significantly reduce the customer experience.

NCE can offer commercial kitchen designs that create a positive flow and help catering staff prepare and cook with ease.


If you would like to find out how we can aid the design of your kitchen, from initial planning stages to the final floor plan drawings, contact us on 0113 833 1234 or email us:

Leeds-based distributor NCE has appointed a new sales manager to its growing team.

Billy Dyson, the former Airedale and YCE man, has partnered with the Yorkshire dealer to support the company’s sales division.

Having worked in sales for the foodservice equipment industry for 3 years, Huddersfield-born Dyson is looking to transfer his experience into the new role, to develop contact opportunities and drive sales for the equipment specialist.

As NCE is a stockist of many major brands, Dyson says he will use his previous knowledge to promote and supply the appliances from these well-known manufacturers.

He commented: “I have been in the industry for almost 3 years now and within that time, I have built up many strong relationships with manufacturers and end users across the UK.

“I intend to develop these relationships further thereby growing the sales and service for NCE in the coming months and years ahead. I am delighted to join such a forward-thinking and professional organisation and I will look forward to the challenge.”

NCE MD Muhammad Romanowicz added: “We’re thrilled to have Billy on board the NCE team, his reputation precedes him and we can’t wait to see him adapt to his new role.”

Commercial kitchen equipment is designed to be hardwearing to ensure a long lifespan despite the heavy use it endures daily. However, when a piece of equipment breaks it can bring the whole kitchen to a standstill – resulting in loss of revenue.

But taking care of your equipment doesn’t have to be difficult! We have compiled a list of top tips on the upkeep of your equipment to ensure a long and productive lifespan!


1. Review the Owner Manual

First and foremost, each piece of equipment comes with a commercial guide advising on the best way to properly service and maintain the equipment.

It is always best for you and your employees to familiarise yourselves with the key instructions on maintaining equipment with day-to-day cleaning duties.


2. Employee Training

Staff training is the most effective way of preventing the failure of equipment before it has happened. By teaching employees which functions to clean and how to use equipment effectively, they will be able to spot when parts are defective or broken.

In such cases, immediate steps should be taken to replace any defective parts as soon as possible. Having a reliable contractor supplying spare parts is vital in reducing service downtime.

If this happens, NCE is on hand to provide all major commercial spare parts to ensure the fast repair of all kitchen equipment.


3. Cleaning & Sanitisation

Regular cleaning and sanitation of equipment is not only essential for the health and safety of your customers, but also the upkeep of your equipment. By cleaning equipment daily, it prevents the build-up of grease, grime, and food particles that can cause hazards to an equipment’s function and potentially to an employee’s health.

In participating in regular cleaning activities, the risk of failure in equipment is dramatically reduced, making your equipment last longer – saving those vital pennies which are better spent elsewhere!

Along with day-to-day preventive measures, we suggest at least one annual deep clean a year. In doing so, you can identify any problems with equipment in one go, to reduce the impact of failures throughout the rest of the year.


4. Preventative Maintenance 

To continue to make sure equipment is working as effectively as possible, it is best to have a good Preventative Maintenance Plan in place. Here at NCE, we can work with you to schedule evaluations of your equipment, to stop any failures, before they happen.

Our team of experts are on hand and RATIONAL trained for all preventative measures to ensure the prolonged life on a variety of catering equipment.


5. Reactive Call Out Measures 

In the foodservice industry time is money. So when equipment breaks down its vital to have a professional yet speedy service to call to get productivity back to where it should be as quick as possible.

That is why NCE offers Reactive Call Outs. Our engineers are trained on a large variety of appliances meaning we can take care of the repairs efficiently whilst you focus on higher productivity.


6. Contingency Planning

Unfortunately, sometimes nothing can be done to fix equipment and the only option is to get it replaced. However, we understand Covid has had an impact on budgets.

That is why we also stock Second-hand Reconditioned Catering Equipment. This way you can still get a hold of equipment of the highest industry-standard at more affordable prices!

Ensuring equipment is working effectively and safely is imperative for you, your employees, and your customers. 

 For further help and advice, call us today on 0113 808 7770 or email to see how we can tailor a Preventative Maintenance Plan for the prolonged life on your equipment! 

Buy equipment on more than just looks

People are always tempted to go for the product that looks the best but that doesn’t always mean you are getting the product that is best for you! When you are in the market for new kitchen equipment there are a few things you need to consider:

  1. Performance and reliability – If you are going to invest in a product you need to ensure you can rely on it. Will it work time and time again without breaking? Is the end product  to the standard you need it to be? There is no point buying something because it looks nice if it is prone to breaking and the end result is sub-standard.


At NCE, we stock all leading brands including: Falcon, Hobart, Rational, Winterhalter and Blue Seal. This means you always have top quality and reliable products to choose from.


2. Customer service and technical support – Whilst you might be weighing up price and capabilities of equipment you should also consider after sales support. Having access to expert engineers could save you time and money in the long run if it means you can get your kitchen back up and running quickly when things go wrong.

Choosing NCE means you can call us at any time for technical support and where an engineer is needed on-site we can be of assistance quickly (with zero call-out charges). We pride ourselves on going that extra mile for our customers everyday.


Always have a reliable back up

There will be equipment in your kitchen that is used day in, day out for various items on your menu. If this malfunctions or breaks you need to trust that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible to minimise any disruption. So how can you minimise disruption?

  1. Check warranty options when buying equipment. Having a warranty gives you peace of mind when buying expensive equipment and will reduce down-time should an unexpected breakage occur.
  2. Access to customer service and technical support (as mentioned above). Good technical support means there is one less thing for you to worry about when equipment breaks.
  3. Quick access to spare parts. It can be very costly when a vital part of equipment goes down, so quick access to spare parts is key. NCE stocks all major commercial catering equipment spare parts to ensure fast repairs of your equipment.


Be conscious of the environment

It might not always be at the top of your list of requirements, but in 2020 being environmentally conscious is an important consideration. So when you are looking to replace a piece of equipment, ask yourself, does it always need to be brand new?

High-quality, durable reconditioned equipment is readily available in the foodservice market and it could be the perfect solution for you and your business. Buying reconditioned equipment, which is backed up with top quality technical support, could save you lots of money in the long run and it prevents reconditioned equipment going to landfill, win-win!

At NCE, we are committed to reducing waste by offering reconditioned catering equipment. So if you are looking for new or reconditioned kit and need some advice, check out our website or get in touch at

We’re delighted to have expanded our team, welcoming Simon Brown as our new Service Manager!

A newly created role in the business, we thought Simon would be a great fit for our growing team due to his extensive experience in the foodservice sector.

Simon joins with over 16 years’ experience at CCS Ltd, where he worked his way up to be Area Sales Manager.

Muhammad Romanowicz, Director at NCE said: “We knew from our first chat with Simon that he would be a perfect fit for the company.

“His previous experience and industry contacts makes him very well suited to what we want to achieve as a business, and it’s great to see him settle in so well.”

Simon added: “My new role has been going really well. I am currently working on improving some internal processes and procedures, which will get standardised across the company.

“I am also looking to implement new ways of obtaining the spares NCE need, utilising good relationships with spare companies as well as manufactures directly.

“I’m currently feeling very positive about my future within the industry and at NCE, despite the uncertain times we are all currently living in.”

We’re very happy to announce the launch of the new NCE website, just the first step in the big plans we have to come for 2021

Our new website is part of our initial efforts to improve the service we provide for our customers, making our browsing purchasing processes more user friendly and easier to navigate. Our new design, supply, install and after care services are now offered to our clients, and can be explored in detail on the relevant pages of the new site.

As well as our new services, the new website now has an integrated finance calculator to further assist our customers in managing costs and will be an invaluable tool for budgeting across the board.

Managing Director of NCE, Muhammad Romanowicz, said, “Our new website is just the beginning of a long list of positive changes for NCE. The new website will help our customers to navigate their way around what we offer more easily, as well as showcasing the quality we’re known for. We’re looking forward to what the future holds!”

If you haven’t already, make sure you have a good look around the new website and our new exciting services, and let us know your feedback!